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Google New Feature: Creating Notes from Search Results on Android

Read the latest feature of Google of creating notes from search results on an Android

Searching on Google while using an Android device provides a convenient way to save and organize useful information you come across right from the search results page. 

Rather than having to copy content from sites or bookmark pages to view later, you can easily create quick notes with summaries, key points, and highlights taken from the search results.

How to Save Key Information from Search Results

To use this helpful feature, first perform a search on Google as you normally would when using your Android phone or tablet. Scroll through the results until you find a page that contains information you want to remember or reference later. 

When you locate a useful result, tap on the three vertical dots shown underneath the preview of that result. This will open a menu popup. Look for and select the option that says “Create note.”

Tapping this will automatically open up a new note in your Google Keep account. The title of the web page you were viewing will already be inserted as the title for the new note. 

This makes it easy to locate the information later when browsing your Keep notes. The URL of the web page will also be included in the note by default. This allows you to open the original page for additional context if needed.

From here, you can start summarizing the key points, statistics, or quotes from the web page in your own words. Try to extract the most vital information and highlight it in the note. You can write up to 400 words this way as a quick digest of the content. Make sure to use your own original writing rather than copying full sentences from the source.

Adding Tags for Organization

Adding tags to notes can help keep content organized by topic or keyword as well. Once you have written the summary and added any other useful information, tap the check mark icon to save the note. 

This will sync it across any devices connected to your Google account. You can then easily access the note from or the Keep app when you need the information again.

Understanding Google’s “Notes”

Imagine a world where Google search results aren’t just static pages, but dynamic communities of insights. That’s the vision behind Notes, a new experimental feature from Google Search that allows users to add their own public annotations to specific search results.

How it works:

  • Think of Notes as sticky notes for the web. Users can add their own thoughts, experiences, or helpful tips directly to relevant search results on Google and Google Discover.
  • These notes become visible to others, creating a collaborative layer of knowledge and diverse perspectives around each search query.
  • Users can browse existing notes, upvote informative ones, and even share them with others, fostering a sense of community and enriching the overall search experience.

Current state and limitations:

  • Notes is still under development and currently rolling out as an experiment in Search Labs. Access is limited to a select group of users in the US and India, using English or Hindi.
  • Viewing notes is available on all devices, but creating them is currently restricted to the Google app on Android and iPhones.
  • Not all search results are eligible for Notes, and Google employs various signals to determine which ones are most suitable for community annotation.

The potential of Notes:

  • Notes has the potential to transform search from a passive activity into a collaborative exploration. By adding their own experiences and interpretations, users can personalize their search journeys and discover valuable insights they might not have found otherwise.
  • For complex topics or nuanced queries, Notes can offer a broader understanding by showcasing diverse perspectives and viewpoints.
  • The feature can also be incredibly helpful for specific user groups. Imagine researchers adding scholarly references to relevant results, or language learners leaving helpful translation tips.

The Benefits of Making Notes from Searches

Overall, this is a constructive way to save, organize, and recall useful content from Google searches performed on an Android device. Rather than bookmarking pages or trying to remember details, you can create personalized notes with summaries for quick reference later. 

It takes just a few taps and can save time relocating important information found during search sessions. This feature is perfect for research, article writing, or any other purpose where recalling key information is required.

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What is Google Notes?

Notes is an experimental feature in Google Search that lets users add public annotations to specific search results. It’s like adding sticky notes to the web, sharing insights and perspectives with others.

Where can I Find Google’s new feature to add notes?

You can add notes to eligible search results on Google and Google Discover. Look for the “Notes” label or number of notes below the result.

Can I see notes on any device?

Yes, you can view existing notes on any device, but creating them is currently limited to the Google app on Android and iPhones.

Can I edit or delete my notes?

Yes, you can edit or delete your own notes after adding them.

What are the benefits of using Google Notes?

Notes can enrich your search experience by offering diverse perspectives, helpful tips, and personalized insights from other users.

Who can see my Google notes?

Notes are public, meaning anyone searching the same result can see them. However, you can choose to report inappropriate notes.

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