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Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro With 20$ Plan


Microsoft recently launched Copilot Pro, a premium subscription version of their AI companion called Copilot. It’s designed for power users, creators, and those seeking enhanced productivity within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

More Advanced AI Models

Copilot Pro leverages AI models trained on billions of private and public data lines. This expanded training enables Copilot Pro to generate longer, more complex outputs than the free version.

The models are customizable to company-specific applications and internal data. This allows Copilot Pro to produce tailored recommendations optimized for enterprise contexts.

Tight Integration with Microsoft Products

A key benefit of Pro version is its seamless integration with Microsoft’s product portfolio like Visual Studio, Azure, C#, .NET, and Office apps.

This makes Copilot especially useful for organizations invested heavily in Microsoft technologies and services. The AI-generated outputs mesh smoothly with internal workflows.

Responsible AI Practices

Microsoft states Copilot Pro implements responsible AI best practices around algorithmic bias, validation, and transparency.

Users remain in control of evaluating and accepting all contributions from the AI system. Copilot Pro aims to augment human workflows rather than replace them.

Monthly Subscription Model

Copilot Pro will be offered via a $20 per-user monthly subscription model when commercially launched. Volume discounts will be available for larger customers.

The subscription may include features like priority support beyond the base Copilot version.

Limited Availability Currently

Microsoft has begun private previews of its Pro with select enterprises and plans a full launch later in 2023. The limited rollout allows further product improvements based on user feedback.

With its enhanced models and Microsoft synergies, Copilot Pro represents a major advancement in enterprise AI assistance. Its capabilities and pricing will be closely watched as Microsoft rolls it out more broadly.

Some Key Points Related to Microsoft Copilot Pro

  • Advanced features: It offers the latest and most powerful AI capabilities from Microsoft, which go beyond the functionalities available in the free version. For example, it can handle more complex tasks, generate more creative content, and access the latest AI models.
  • $20 monthly subscription: It comes with a monthly fee of $20 per user. This adds to the cost of your existing Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plan, making the total cost for accessing the Pro around $27 per month.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: It seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel (currently in preview for English only), PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. This allows you to leverage AI directly within these applications to boost your productivity.
  • Focus on productivity and creativity: Microsoft aims to enhance your capabilities in areas like writing, research, data analysis, and more. It can help you generate ideas, automate tasks, and overcome creative roadblocks.

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Can I use Microsoft Copilot for free?

Yes, you can! A basic version of Copilot is available at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. This version offers features like drafting emails, summarizing documents, and providing suggestions for content creation.

Will Microsoft Copilot be available for everyone?

The basic version of Copilot is accessible to all with a Microsoft account. However, the premium version, Copilot Pro, requires a separate subscription.

How much does Microsoft Copilot cost?

Copilot Pro, the premium version, is currently priced at $20 per month. This adds to the cost of your existing Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plan, making the total cost for accessing Copilot Pro approximately $27 per month.

Is Copilot included in Office 365?

The basic version of Copilot is included in most Microsoft 365 plans, including Personal, Family, and Business subscriptions. However, Copilot Pro, the premium version, requires a separate subscription.

Is Copilot for Windows 11 free?

The basic version of Copilot is available on Windows 11 through Microsoft Edge and some other Microsoft applications. However, Copilot Pro, the premium version, requires a separate subscription and is not currently available on Windows 11 specifically.

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