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Home » Sam Altman’s New AI ‘Humane AI Pin’- Price, Features, Shipping

Sam Altman’s New AI ‘Humane AI Pin’- Price, Features, Shipping

Human AI Pin

Remember the $699 Humane AI Pin, a ChatGPT-powered wearable AI accessory backed by Sam Altman and released in November? 

Well, the wait is almost over! Humane has announced that the AI Pin will begin shipping in March 2024, bringing a new era of screen-less, conversational computing to your lapel.

Early Supporters Get Priority

Humane commenced orders on November 17, offering a first-come, first-served basis for early purchasers. 

The company expressed gratitude to early supporters and assured those who placed priority orders that they would be the first to receive their AI Pins. The shipping sequence will be determined by the order date.

If you placed a “priority order” in November, you’ll be among the first to receive your AI Pin. 

Pin Provides Hands-Free Voice Access to AI

The Humane AI Pin allows users to access AI capabilities through natural voice conversations. The pin can be clipped onto clothing like a microphone. It uses ChatGPT integration to handle voice commands and queries.

Features of the Humane AI Pin:

The AI Pin is designed to be worn on clothing, akin to a lapel mic. It facilitates user interaction with a virtual assistant powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Notably, the pin incorporates cloud computing capabilities from Microsoft and employs a laser projection system for displaying text on the user’s hand, along with the ability to project monochromatic images.

Projects Text and Images on Hand

Unlike a smartphone, the Humane Pin projects text responses and images directly onto the user’s hand or nearby surfaces. This provides a screen-less interaction.

Offers Computer Vision Features

The pin has built-in cameras for functions like taking photos or analyzing objects seen by the user. For example, it can estimate the nutritional facts of food

Financial Backing and Leadership:

Humane secured an impressive $241 million in funding from notable entities, including Microsoft and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. 

The startup boasts a team of experienced co-founders and executives, many of whom are ex-Apple veterans who contributed to the development of the iPhone.

Choosing a Unique Path:

Unlike other tech companies opting for mixed-reality headsets, Humane has taken a distinctive approach with its screen-less wearable pin. 

The company’s co-founder and President, Imran Chaudri, emphasized the device’s reliance on artificial intelligence to interact with users, challenging the notion that the “future is on your face.”

Functionality Overview:

The Humane AI Pin demonstrated various capabilities earlier in the year. Users can compose messages through voice commands, and a feature called “Catch Me Up” allows for summarizing emails. 

The pin incorporates an in-built camera for capturing pictures and leveraging computer vision to provide insights, such as estimating the nutritional content of a dish.

Humane AI pin Features Summary

This innovative Pin isn’t just your average lapel mic. It’s a powerhouse packed with technology, designed to integrate with your daily life seamlessly:

  • ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant: Talk naturally to an AI assistant powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.
  • Cloud computing muscle: Harness the power of Microsoft’s cloud for seamless processing and performance.
  • Text on your hand: View information and notifications projected onto your hand by the Pin’s laser system.
  • Monochromatic images: Not just text, the Pin can also project simple, single-color images.
  • In-built camera: Capture photos or use computer vision to scan objects and gain insights, like analyzing food nutrients.

A Different Path: Screenless Computing in a World of Headsets

Humane breaks ranks with the tech giants focusing on mixed-reality headsets like Apple and Meta. They believe the future lies in screenless interaction, hence the AI Pin’s unique form factor. It’s like wearing a powerful AI brain on your lapel, ready to converse and assist at your every word.

Humane AI Pin Shipping Starts 2024, Priced at $699

The Humane AI Pin costs $699. Pre-orders placed will ship starting March 2024, with order sequence deciding delivery priority. Broad retail availability may follow later.

Humane AI Pin Official Order Link

Catch a Glimpse of the FutureWant to see the AI Pin in action? 

Check out this thread showcasing its diverse capabilities, from composing messages with your voice to summarizing emails and offering real-time food analysis.

The Future is Here (and Soon in Your Hands)

March 2024 marks the arrival of a new era in personal computing. With its conversational AI, compact design, and innovative features, the Humane AI Pin promises to redefine how we interact with technology. 

Whether you’re an early adopter, tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of screenless computing, keep an eye on March as Humane delivers its vision to your doorstep.

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